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 the name of this blog is Upper Midwest Swimbaits and I know this post is about a West Coast angler.  But lets face, it the Midwest does not have much history with swimbaits for bass and we do have to look in every direction for information and new techniques.

By now we know many anglers in the United States are going gaa for glide baits. Just about every swimbait manufacture and garage builder is in one way or another making some kind of glide bait.  I touched on this in another topic about glidebaits “Why Two Piece Glide Baits? Why Noe more I think about it or the more I try to learn more about glidebaits the more I return to who brought glides baits to the for front in the U.S.

The person responsible for the revolution of glidebaits for  i  he did this by working with Deps andthe Deps 250 Slide Swimmer. If you don’t know what Saiko tuned is once again you are behind the curve. Deps offers a bait called the Slide Swimmer. Deps also offers a Butch Brown 250 Slide Swimmer, the Deps BB 250 Slide Swimmer is a swimbait that is weighted by Deps to Butches specifications, basically this a slow sink slide swimmer, but ais a bait that is hand tuned by the master himself. Thdemand top dollars and are some of the most sought after swimbaits, not only in the U.S but also Japan.

Anyone familiar with Butch typically relates the name to youtube videos o catching giant bass on Huddleston swimbaits. This all has been changing, now anglers are relating the nameas a revolutionary  angler that understood what he saw in a Japanese glide bait and improved the bait, not only improve the bait , but what all other glidebaits are now judged by.

Also anyone that has followed Butch and his videos knows that Butch is not a one trick pony and fishes many different swimbaits to land huge bass on swimbaits. I have seen video of Butch catching fish on wakebaits, hardbaits and a variety of different soft swimbaits. But when you do a search of Butch’s videos only a few from the Huddleston website show up in searches, why is this? I don’t know why. Butch has more video of himself catching more bass over ten pounds than anyone.  Butch will share a video on  showing him catching a trophy bass only to remove the video a couple of days later, leaving anyone who didn’t see the video wondering what they missed out on. He will also rib members that question his abilities by going fishing the next day and giving them a shout with a freshly caught 10 pound bass, it seems to be almost on demand.

Typically when anglers don’t get to watch one of Butch’s video they did miss out on something, typically they have missed out on something no tournament coverage or fishing show can show us, an angler that has truly mastered his art and catches trophy bass on his own terms. So many times anglers watch the videos and ask questions and typically with no reply from Butch. When we see these videos we have to look between the lines, I don’t feel Butch puts the videos up to then break it down for us. I feel he puts them up to see if anyone picks up on what he knows. Many members do catch on, but these are typically seasoned swimbait anglers, in the secretive world of swimbaits for bass they keep it to themselves and members just tell other members to read between the lines.

Many on fishing forums know Butch as swimbait 24/7 But on Face Book I ran into Butch brown as . Saiko translates into english as the best or highest. A fitting name for an angler I have admired  from afar.

I have been blessed and very fortunate to have been able to talk or to correspond with some of the best swimbait anglers in the world. Many of them I will never have the opportunity to ever meet or even go fishing with, but some of them you get to know and feel like they are part of you own fishing world, this is the beauty of the computer age. We get to make contacts on a daily basis with these different angers from the East coast to the West coast and every where in between. Some of these anglers I correspond with or talk on the phone as much as my fishing partners.

One of these anglers I get lucky and get to talk to from time to time i. Any time I get the chance to talk to Butch I try my hardest to listen and read between the lines of what Butch tells me. Sometimes I try to tell him about my experiences in Minnesota with swimbaits for bass and hope I get some advice about glide baits in the Upper Midwest. So many times I learn so much that is not always exposed in a video or a simple response. The last conversation I learned from him was that he is into many different forage basses for bass. I kind of new it from the couple different forage basese he designed for Deps, the first was the Butch Brown Deps 250 trout, the second was a carp pattern and now I’m seeing an unbelievable looking bass being released.

I did also learn is that Butch is working on many different forage basses that will cover the whole country and not just cater to  West Coast glidebait anglers. This was like music to my ears, the more forage basses the more likely hood the baits will be more easily obtainable, I hope.  Butch also explained to me that the Saiko hand tuned Butch Brown models will have Butch’s signiture encraved into the bait.

This will help us to differentiate the difference between a Deps Butch Brown Model, a stanard Deps 250 Slide Swimmer and a Saiko tuned Deps 250. I had to ask the question many have e mailed me about, how did I get a Saiko tuned BB 175 Deps Slide Swimmer and are they available to buy. They are not available yet,  but Saiko tuned 175 Slide Swimmer will be available in the future.

How will the Sakio tuned baits be available in the U.S?

Saiko tuned baits will only be available on website that has not launched yet. Butch explained to me that he has never done an endeavor of this magnitude and wants to make sure he has all his ducks in a row, when he does he will launch his site, the site will not just be a e commerce site to sell baits. The sight will be loaded with video,  tips and techniques.  You will be able to ask questions directly to the master himself. We may also see something U.S anglers have been hoping for some time now from Deps, Butch would not go into detail because it is only in the early stages of planning. For now the best way to keep up with Butch until his website launches is tru his Face Book page  

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